Activ Fitness

Activ Fitness has been one of the leading fitness chains in Switzerland for many years. With time it's important to keep a visual identity up to date, this is why we propose a new concept, a new logo, a new identity, which will allow the chain to stay up to date.

branding concept

Activ Fitness




Logotype, Branding,
Web Design

first step

The first step was the logo. It was important to symbolize the stages of an evolution in the sport. Indeed, when one starts doing sport there is a desire (physical or mental) to change. After some time of training we automatically see changes, that's why the logo is divided into two different weights.

The first one, thick, represents the start. The fact that it is thick symbolizes the will, the desire, it can also represent the desired transformations, as said above, whether physical or mental: we go to the room to trigger a positive change.

The second, thinner, represents finality. It is finer because we are finally freed from what we want to get rid of. It allows us to show the effectiveness of this evolution.

second step

The member card, a must-have for sports halls, in the image of the new visual identity.

final step

In order to respect the graphic line, it was therefore important to redesign the website to make it more user friendly and especially more modern.